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2021 is around the corner and what a journey this year has been. For many of us, we have faced extraordinary circumstances, loss and hardship, unexpected gains and renewal of ourselves and familial bonds and many of us were pushed to become more resilient and resourceful and perhaps, even some of us found the love that transformed us all, or else we have tested our friendships to the limit.
We have found what it means to be there for the people we care about when times are hard, and also to say goodbye to those whom we could no longer count on.

The mainstream media unveiled itself to be a powerful force that has censored, misled and carried out an infotainment war with the public and independent journalists have come out of the woodwork so that their voices could be heard.

The end of 2020 presents the great challenges of a different world we now live in. The American Republic and the United Kingdom may change, small businesses may no longer be in business and as we move towards a technocratic society, we must remember that humanity is defined by our actions, and not what we own (in the wise words of President Jimmy Carter).

As the end of the year draws near, and the President of the United States will be inaugurated by the end of next month, I have compiled a short video of those Presidents who have most inspired us over the centuries. The ones who dared to fight for human rights, freedom of speech, for democracy and lastly, for peace will be the ones who have made the most impact on our society, no matter how controversial they may have been during their era.

2020 was a roller coaster journey, but I am grateful that it became the illuminating force in what we know to be true in our hearts; that we are resilient, and that we do not easily cave to pressure, that we know what it takes to fight for what we believe in; that we tolerate and welcome public discourse and difference in opinions because we are a nation founded on the freedom of speech and diversity; that we are all unbreakable in our lasting faith in democracy.