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The Divisive State of American Politics

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A civil and open dialogue currently does not exist in American politics under the duopoly of the two dominant political parties. Anyone exposed to popular and social media can quickly discern that both sides often engage in argument ad hominems and character insults as opposed to breaking down the complexity of actual political and social issues. Empty emotional rhetoric is utilised to numb the masses, whilst the 6 corporations that own the collective media continue to fuel racial division and social unrest.

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6 corporations own the majority of the media in our current era give us the illusion of choice. This has led to an imbalanced system in which there is a lack of diversity in public discourse, and instead political propaganda is utilised to manipulate public opinion.

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William Randolph Hearst: “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.” The news magnate in 1897 revealed how he could effectively alter the course of global politics through the overt manipulation of public opinion. This strategy was mirrored in 2002 when the New York Times published unsubstantiated article after article in support of the Iraq War. Image by wikipedia commons

The duopoly system of American politics (in which there are two dominant parties: Democratic and Republican) have been successful in the radicalisation of people’s political beliefs. In recent times, the Democratic Party has adhered to the promotion of anarchy (eg, rioting, looting, defunding the police etc) and often utilised race politics in an attempt to divide people whilst the Republican Party has attempted to mobilise their base utilising fear against a militaristic China (eg, Trade War with China, the growing Chinese military and even the “China” virus).

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The art of debate and open dialogue currently does not exist in American politics. Instead, major parties attempt to demonise the other side, radicalise their demographic and resort to baseless insults. Image by wikipedia commons

However, whether or not one is a Democrat or a Republican, a Libertarian or a member of the Green Party or any other party, it is clear however, that there is something awry going on in American politics and the state of democracy is in crisis. The current 2020 Presidential election has brought to light many inherent weaknesses in voting integrity and the vested interests of the 6 corporations that own the collective media have utilised the same tactics as William Randolph Hearst at the turn of the century in order to undermine democratic processes. In a representative democracy, voting is the most fundamental action citizens can take in order to make their voice heard.

If we examine the ⅗ compromise, in which only 3 out of 5 slaves in America were counted as part of the population in 1783 or the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote, voting has become integral to the constitutional rights of people. Voting fraud should not be tolerated by any American, regardless of political affiliation.

Two dominant voting tabulation companies, ES&S and Dominion, in which the latter system has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s longtime aid, Nadeam Elshami and also, Brian Wild who had worked for former Vice-President Dick Cheney has as active lobbyists. Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Cheney are two politicians who have actively supported a Biden win amongst allegations that the Dominion software utilised in swing states have seen numerous “glitches” that occurred in 18 Spalding County voting districts in Georgia that switched votes to Mr. Biden.

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Although historically, newspapers and the mainstream media have utilised their consolidated power in order to manipulate public opinion, this is the first time in history in which they have attempted to elect a President, by ignoring the judicial processes of the United States. Currently, there are 5 states in which lawsuits are actively pending, and investigations by the Department of Justice are still ongoing. This sets a dangerous precedent in which the corporate media may override the constitutional rights of the people by subversion of voting integrity. Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In California and New York, where many Democrats had written-in for Bernie Sanders as their candidate also did not see their votes tabulated, and despite that in the 2020 California Democratic Presidential Primary, Bernie Sanders received over 2 million votes, significantly more than Mr. Biden, it was reported that there were strangely only a total of 56 write-in votes for the 2020 Presidential election whereas in the previous election in 2016, there had been over 200,000 write-in votes. For a state as populous as California with around 20 million registered people to vote, it seems implausible that only 56 people in the entire state wrote-in for a candidate in this election cycle.

Aside from the swing states, anomalies in voting integrity were also reported in many states such as New Hampshire, New Jersey, Colorado, an even a viral video surfaced in Delaware of a poll worker filling out ballots which the collective, mainstream media “fact-checkers” assert that the poll worker was simply filling out ballots copied from damaged ballots, however the damaged ballots do not appear to be visible anywhere in the video.

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In a technological age in which we have access to secure online banking, online tax platforms, online credit systems and other online platforms with AI for fraud detection, it seems unfathomable that we are still subject to paper ballots and the widespread use of hackable voting tabulation machines.

Former Vice-President Joseph Biden has said that the United States will be entering a “Dark Winter”. Dark Winter was an exercise in 2001 at the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense studies and the ANSER institute at Homeland Security examining the national security of a bioterror attack on the United States. The findings included that massive civilian casualties, breakdown in essential institutions, violation of democratic processes, civil disorder, and loss of confidence in government and strategic flexibility abroad were among the ways a biological attack could compromise national security.

Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises has said, “Democracy is not something we can enjoy without effort, on the contrary, we must actively defend democracy and conquer with renewed effort.” Whether or not one supports Mr. Biden or President Trump or any other candidate, it is clear that the democratic processes of our voting integrity have been under subversion and this is not something we should passively hope gets fixed on its own. If we examine the past, our historical precedents fought for their right to vote and we shouldn’t abandon it so easily as to allow for widespread voter fraud to openly alter and dilute our vote, to drown out our voices with ballot stuffing, electronic tampering, voting hacking and the overt tactics of destroy-and-replace.
The 6 corporations that collectively own mainstream media should not bypass the judicial processes of the United States or any other nation, and they should not have the authority to determine who is the US President-Elect until the results have been certified. In addition, every single American, regardless of political affiliation, should ask for full transparency in voting processes, auditing of votes in all 50 states, an investigation of voting tabulation machines, and collectively work together to transform voting into a multi-layered, decentralised system with active fraud detection to preserve the integrity of our vote. To not do so would only lead to a breakdown of democratic processes, in which we allow a dark winter to reign.