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The Winter of Our Discontent

· Social Justice,politics,Environment

It seems clear that Americans have increasingly lost faith in voting structures, as the United States is still employing old voting machines from more than 15 years ago in many states, especially in the battleground states without any paper trail which are vulnerable to manipulation. The recount further revealed the dire state of Michigan's lack of credibility in ascertaining plausible results that will give confidence to the American people that their vote matters.

2016 was a year in which many Americans lost faith in the very fabric that holds together a representative democracy and which many Britons became fractured through the impending dissolution of their collective role in the European Union.

Instead of my usual step-by-step analysis of the domino effect on the global economy and the world at large, I decided to create a visual diary of events using news footage and soundbites which took me a few days to edit. This is a rough compilation of the footage, audio and images I gathered together over the winter break.

Notes: The music is from an Austin, Texas-based group called Balmorhea, in a song aptly called "The Winter" from the album, The Rivers Arms.