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For those of you who know me well, you will know that I'm a MAC girl. Despite the surge  of Android products and devices (I previously had the first generation Android Motorola when it first was launched on the market), I vastly prefer iOS devices over Android for a variety of reasons. Although I have utilised Windows and Linux computers and devices before, I prefer iOS because the applications on iOS are compatible across a range of applications and versions, in addition to iOS devices possessing a superior sound and image quality, which as an audiovisual thinker, I find far more important than being able to hack more easily across Windows and Android OS.
Of course, there is also a lot of criticism about Apple products as well; being a closed OS, updates that slow down previous versions of iOS, incompatibility of power cords from previous versions of Apple products, between different devices etc. However, Apple has certain customer buying patterns that have been consistent over a period of years.
Looking at the yearly Apple chart, one can see that there has been a huge uptrend over a period of years with extreme volatility between Dec 2012 and Dec 2013. I would extrapolate that no one who bought Apple shares after 2009 would be in the mindset to dump their shares now, looking at this 1000%+ uptrend. 
But what about those people who would like to get in on the Apple play in the future? A few years ago, I had a 250+% ROI on Apple option plays alone, when I was more vigilant about watching the US stock market. Generally I think people who day trade are wasting their time and perhaps even their sanity, and I prefer a more laid back approach to investment by buying at opportune times when it is at the bottom of the trend line and near the end of consolidation, when there are visible signals of an impending uptrend. I don't short Apple or any other stocks in general, because that sets up a negative mindset- hoping a company or stock will fail. (Although as a note, I have shorted commodities before, such as Gold, when it was at its height in 2011 and had a nice short play over a course of weeks when it hit my target and I had a 150+% return).  Generally though, I prefer to focus on stocks I like and companies I believe in and only dump my shares when it has peaked or hovering across the top of the trend line. I align myself more with Warren Buffet long-term strategies however, and like to buy and hold; however options has a time limit, so most of my trades were in the realm of 1-3 months long. (For the record though, this is my philosophy, and I'm not an accredited stock broker, so this doesn't constitute as any kind of stock advice, but merely for the purpose of self-education).
Currently in my analysis, Apple (in the weekly chart) looks to be hovering at the top of the trend line and is most likely due for a pullback. It is currently making a similar pattern to APRIL 2012-JULY 2012 and likewise, hovering and testing the 161.8% fibonacci retracement line. 
Looking at the hourly chart, I would extrapolate that if it doesn't hold 133.02 over the next couple of weeks, then I would watch to see if there is a pullback towards the 110-120 area, and would think about buying around May 2018-Oct 2018 when it might potentially be near the secondary support line at 100.65-115.77. 
Simply, Apple is a great stock and one of my favourite companies. I like Google products as well, and I think Android is also great, but I just prefer Apple. It's a bit like one of those things of personal taste and preference, I prefer rainy weather to sunshine. Let it rain.
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